COVID-19 Update

2021 State of the Digital Signage Industry

More than half of respondents to the 2021 Digital Signage/Video Wall Deep Dive survey say that they expect to see an increase in projects this year.

The pandemic has brought greater focus on digital signage and video wall solutions as a way to communicate while maintaining social distance. That’s happening not only in hospitals, but in corporate environments, stadiums and almost everywhere that even a small amount of people gather.

Digital signage provides the benefit of near instantaneous updates as requirements change. Over the past year, businesses relied on this technology to alert people to temperature check areas, social distancing best practices, and mask requirements.

The 2021 Digital Signage/Video Wall Deep Dive report provides insight into the evolution of these systems over the past year as well as a look into the future, including:

  • Top verticals for digital signage projects
  • Projects and revenue stats
  • LED vs LCD
  • Return to office requirements

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