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2022 Hybrid Learning Deep Dive

Our Hybrid Learning Deep Dive covers exclusive data, commentary, research and analysis, all wrapped up in a single report.

hybrid learning deep dive 2022

These days, the COVID-19 pandemic has largely receded from the lives of most of us in the U.S. Many people aren’t masking anymore; live events, packed with excited fans, have returned; and people are planning those long-delayed summer vacations. Other pandemic accommodations, however, seem to have become enduring societal shifts. Especially notable among those is the transition away from knowledge workers commuting to an office every day to do individual work. In Commercial Integrator’s annual Hybrid Learning Deep Dive, we endeavor to inform our readers about whether hybrid learning likewise has legs. If so, we ask, how can integrators capitalize on that continuing opportunity?

Like all of CI’s Deep Dive reports, our analysis is extensive, drawing from a range of expert sources. For example, this report features exclusive data from AVIXA, highlighting the size of the education market and forecasting its trajectory through 2026. We also share AVIXA data about revenues from the learning solutions category, including its CAGR from ’21 to ’26, and we explain the implications for how the market will evolve. What’s more, the Deep Dive report includes extensive commentary from integrators whose firms are leaders in the hybrid-learning category. Interviewees include experts from ClearTech Media, Level 3 Audiovisual, Vistacom, Solutionz and others. Plus, we offer views from NSCA, whose members are uniquely positioned to opine on emerging technologies.

Our Hybrid Learning Deep Dive is the most exhaustive coverage of the distance learning/hybrid learning category that CI will offer all year. Don’t miss our exclusive data, commentary, research and analysis, all wrapped up in a single report!

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