5 Tech Trends That Will Define the Next 5 Years

From HDCP 2.2 to spectrum space to walking, talking data, the AV landscape will change over the next few years. Here’s how to keep up. By Josh Srago

Think about what you know now. Wouldn’t it have been great if you knew all that five years ago?

Navigating technology is as much about understanding what is in front of you and as it is about anticipating what’s coming down the road. That road will be windy with several factors likely to impact system design systems over the next few years.

  • HDCP 2.2 & Other Copyright/Content Protection Issues
  • Increasingly Confusing Government Regulations
  • Making Room for Wireless
  • Turning to Fiber
  • Embrace of Smart Devices

These trends aren’t about hype. These are factors that will actually impact technology solutions over the next five years – some in a positive way, some not so much.

Explore why these trends are so important. It’s better to know now than to play catch up later.