5 Ways to Optimize the Open Office

Open offices can often mean closed communication, excess noise and endless distraction. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Open offices are said to save on real estate and construction costs while simultaneously fostering a more connected, collaborative environment for employees.

While more corporate offices are heading toward this trend, recent surveys link open offices with higher levels of employee dissatisfaction, stress and even illness.

Don’t throw out all your open-plan blueprints yet, though. There are compromises and enhancements that can be implemented in retrofits or new construction.

According to a Harvard Business Review study, “The most effective spaces bring people together and remove barriers while also providing sufficient privacy that people don’t fear being overheard or interrupted. In addition, they reinforce permission to convene and speak freely.”

If your clients want move forward with building the office of the future, adding some creature comforts that support the individual while enabling group collaboration is key. Options must be presented for quiet work and also bustling, vibrant and loud group conversations.

Check out this Commercial Integrator Partner Series white paper to learn how to optimize the open office workplace of the future.

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