COVID-19 Update

7 Vital Tips for Hiring During the ‘Great Resignation’

There has never been a time like the present in the U.S. job market. Hiring and retaining employees during the “Great Resignation” has become a major challenge. For example, the pre-2020 approach to recruiting is to go slowly, but in this environment, that likely means you are going to lose the best candidate to another company that can move more quickly. Wages is another sticking point… employers unwilling to increase their salaries are simply not hiring people, according to Michael Sparks, principal of HireSparks, an AV-industry-focused recruiting company.

This guide shows 7 clear steps dealers and manufacturers can take to ease the hiring process, with specific details on what those policies should be and how to achieve them:

· Clearly State Your Vaccination Policy

· Consider More Remote Work Situations

· Reduce Travel Requirements For Sales Roles

· Act Quickly

· Boost Salaries

· Enhance Benefits

· Improve Company Culture

Download this partner series for an in-depth guide into these 7 vital tips to help your organization set themselves apart from the competition.