Amping Up Your AV-Over-IP: Network Know-How

This FREE guide delves into the basics behind AV over IP and what you need to do to take advantage of this trending technology.

Amping Up Your AV-Over-IP: Network Know-How

AV-over-IP is one of the hottest technologies in the commercial market. With a broadening selection of increasingly affordable networking devices and the growing adoption of networking standards by AV equipment manufacturers, integrators are looking to leverage the advantages of this evolving technology.

But AV-over-IP requires some networking understanding to assemble complete systems. Although Ethernet has existed for several decades, the details of how it operates remain a mystery to many AV professionals. Networking jargon can be tricky for AV integrators backgrounds, while AV terms can be difficult for networking pros used to the stability of standards.

This free guide, “Amping Up Your AV-Over-IP: Network Know-How,” details some fundamental elements behind the growth of this technology.

Topics covered in this download include:

  • The importance of the network switch. Network switches are becoming more advanced every year through products such as Layer 2 (L2) and Layer 3 (L3) solutions.
  • What system is needed based on bandwidth choice. Is the HDBaseT-IP hybrid the best-of-both-worlds solution to higher bandwidth needs?
  • What manufacturers are doing to adapt to and support AV-over-IP solutions. How will products keep up with increasing bandwidth needs and the increasing interest in remote monitoring?
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