Business Data, Analytics and The Potential for AV Integrators

A Game Changer for AV Integrators ready to compete in a new technology category.

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In today’s data-driven world, business data and analytics have become increasingly important when it comes to AV decision making.

While most AV integrators are already provide meeting room technology systems, it’s no longer about just putting equipment in rooms. CEOs and CIOs want to understand how efficient and productive these systems are in order to make better future technology decisions.

As data mining and analysis tools arrive on the market, AV customers will have access to more and richer data that will have a significant impact on their bottom lines. And, the AV integrators who are willing to jump in and bring AV data to their customers — leading them to the kinds of rooms they should be investing in and advising them on what technology should go into them — will have new opportunities for revenue streams.

“Business Data, Analytics and the Potential for AV Integrators” presents how one company developed a profitable managed service approach to data and analytics along with insights from integrators and consultants who are optimistic about AV-data’s potential for integrators.