CI Premium: Meet the 2015 CI Industry Leaders

CI recognizes top integrators serving 11 key vertical markets and gleans advice on how they stay at the forefront of their fields.

This is the fourth year we’ve published our annual collection of the best companies in several vertical markets. This year, we chose at least five in all 11 verticals and expanded the group to 15 for corporate and 10 for higher education and hospitals.

We hope you’ll agree that our selections—all of which were self-nominated for the first time—represents the top of each market and the companies that are doing the best work in each of the spaces where they’re selected.

What’s unique about CI Industry Leaders compared to other collections of top-ranked companies is we don’t rank them at all, let alone based on their annual revenues. AVI-SPL is, once again, an Industry Leader in several categories but that’s not based solely on the fact they do more work than anyone else in the industry.

We also recognized the relatively small firms who are focused on a particular market, and this year’s list includes several newcomers who have learned about the benefits of being recognized as a CI Industry Leader from those who’ve come before them.

Enjoy the 2015 CI Industry Leaders and congratulate them on a job well-done. We think you’ll agree it’s a pretty impressive collection of talent and hope you’ll let us know if we missed anyone this year so they can be part of next year’s group.