HD BaseT: The Long Distance Solution e-Book

View eZine from Commercial Integrator and CE Pro to learn from FAQs, applications, new products and case studies highlighting this popular technology.

Commercial Integrator and its sister publication CE Pro have teamed up to deliver an interactive HDBaseT eZine.

Whether you are already installing integrated systems around HDBaseT or considering to do so, this guide equips you with enhanced content on the latest news and trends around the technology.

Readers are able to turn the pages like a real printed publication and click on images to automatically open up videos and slideshows. The eZine also features case studies and a section dedicated to new products from top manufacturers.

Highlights include:

  • What is HDBaseT 2.0? (page 6)
  • The Nitty-Gritty about HDBaseT (page 10)
  • USB and Multipoint Distribution (page 16)
  • Slideshow: Handling 4K Distribution Using HDBaseT 2.0 (page 17)
  • POH: No More Electricians Needed? (page 20)
  • Connecting A/V in 17 Large Theaters (page 24)
  • Saving $36K in Labor, Hardware to Build Videowall (page 28)

Click here to download the HDBaseT eZine presented by CI and CE Pro