How Integrators Can Mitigate Supply-Chain Risks

Risk mitigation strategies play a vital role in systems integrators protecting their profits and effectively aligning client expectations with the current business reality.

Supply-chain disruptions have impacted systems integrators’ operations across the entire project lifecycle. NSCA, the leading not-for-profit association representing the commercial integration industry, believes that integrators must protect profitability and align client expectations with current business realities. Therefore, the association urges NSCA members to be proactive in managing cashflow and other financial metrics, as well as to provide customers and partners with clear communication about the measures that integrator partners are taking.

This downloadable PDF contains language that integrators can use in proposals and contracts. What’s more, it provides recommendations for risk management.

After you read this PDF, you will have:

  • Updated language for proposals and contracts
  • Recommendations for proposal validation, pricing, and terms and conditions
  • Guidelines to set expectations properly
  • Accounting and cashflow recommendations

As integration firms like your own embark on risk-mitigation efforts, please also reference NSCA’s Financial Leadership 101 tool, available in NSCA’s Essentials Online Library.

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