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Increase Customer Satisfaction & Save Money with a Smart Maintenance System for IT Infrastructure

It is common that when an IP-enabled device fails or is “frozen”, the user has to manually power cycle or reboot the device to resume normal operations. When you are just doing this manually, there are significant impacts to your business that arise when the network goes down. These could include lost business reputation, lost revenue, increased IT maintenance costs, and a decrease in productivity due to an already overstretched IT support resources team.

This is where utilizing a Life & Death monitoring to proactively monitor your IT network infrastructure comes in. By doing this you can see if your system has gone down or is frozen. If your system does go down, manual power cycling or rebooting “frozen” devices can be difficult, especially when devices are in remote locations.

In this new whitepaper, you will learn how to use automatic power cycling or Smart Maintenance Systems to stay on top of potential outages. You will also learn:

  • How to implement a Smart Maintenance Systems strategy
  • How this can increase customer satisfaction
  • How it can increase profits from reduction of downtime
  • Decrease expenses from reduction of IT maintenance costs
  • And much more

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