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Insights from NSCA Business & Leadership Conference

CI understands that not everyone is able to attend the event, but everyone can benefit greatly from the leadership information covered. That is why we created this whitepaper to bring the information to as many business leaders as possible.

Each year the NSCA holds its Business & Leadership Conference, which brings together AV integration leaders to learn more about running an effective company, regardless of industry. The event focuses on leadership and how to lead your company to great success in the AV integration market. CI has created the “Insights from NSCA Business & Leadership Conference” whitepaper to bring some of that invaluable information from the event to industry business leaders.

Our new whitepaper “Insights from NSCA Business & Leadership Conference” provides a great refresher or first look at the information from NSCA BLC, and the importance of leadership when running a business. These topics include:

  • Future of Work: How Will Humans Fit In?
  • What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do?
  • Building a Culture of Good
  • Buying and Selling Integration Firms
  • Leadership Isn’t for Cowards
  • And Much More…

Download your copy today to learn more about the information covered at NSCA BLC and how it can help improve business leadership in the AV integration space.

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