Introducing: New Rules of Customer Engagement

The tools of the sales trade have changed, as a new integration industry specific e-book explores, highlighting areas in which your sales team must evolve.

“Imagine a world where you never had to break a sweat to sell anything.”

And so begins CI columnist Daniel L. Newman’s e-book on the modern sales process, The New Rules of Customer Engagement: 6 Trends Reinventing the Way We Sell. No, it’s not a fantasy genre book.

Newman doesn’t contend that sales is easy. He outlines thought-provoking takes on six trends that have rendered most old-school sales methods less effective and describes how company leaders can enact changes to position their sales teams for new-era success. In doing so, he explains how the sales process has been redefined and how to react to the sea change.

Trend 1: How Informed Consumers are Changing Everything
Trend 2:  Why Your Response Time Must be Faster: The Impact of Immediacy on Customer Experience
Trend 3: Getting Creative: Your Business Value Lies In Your Creativity
Trend 4: The Role of The Human Network; Your Human Network
Trend 5: Don’t Sell Me. Show Me! Selling More by Driving Outcomes and Advocacy within Your Client Organizations
Trend 6:  Customer Experience Trumps Everything Else You Do: Why Mediocre is the New Bad and Extraordinary Must be the Ordinary

Newman’s book, The New Rules of Customer Engagement: 6 Trends Reinventing the Way We Sell, is available free in PDF form here on Commercial Integrator, and you can also get a Kindle-friendly version on Amazon.