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IP Endpoints: 10 Features on Integrators’ Wish List

Whether you work in education, healthcare, retail or another industry, effective mass notification has become a critical requirement.

Demand for IP endpoints now extends far beyond the mass notification market. As a result, integrators and customers now require much more from these IP enabled solutions. A remote loudspeaker is no longer enough. Organizations now need to connect widely disparate groups using a variety of communications technologies.

This new guide “IP Endpoints: 10 Features on Integrators’ Wish List” provides insight into how the latest IP endpoint technology can help organizations across a wide variety of industries. It covers the need for

  • Visual cues at the endpoint such as an LCD screen with LED flasher
  • High definition screens
  • ADA compliance
  • High-quality speakers
  • And much more

Download this guide today to get a head start on implementing an more effective IP endpoint solution.

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