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Jumping on the ‘Light Broadcasting’ Bandwagon

With countless applications across all markets, integration firms ought to be reacting to demand for video production and distribution.

You might not think of yourself as a broadcasting integrator, but you ought to think again.

Integration clients across every vertical are creating content and distributing it these days, spurring demand for “light broadcast” or “broadcasting light” solutions. Integrators unable to deliver it will risk losing not only those specific solutions but all of their clients’ other integration needs to competitors who are able to deliver broadcasting.

While these clients are large in number, they are small in demeanor compared to the traditional broadcast industry. They are your higher educational institutions, medical facilities, sporting event centers, financial institutions and houses of worship. They are your upstarts, your kick-starters and your non profits.

They are anyone and everyone who has a need to get their message out to another audience, whether it is online, via a VPN or through a WAN connection. They broadcast their messages through any digital portal that fits their needs and their budget. Their audience sees their messages in government offices, boardrooms, virtual classrooms and on tablets and smart phones.

This free download aims to give the integrators that serve these clients a primer on how to meet their broadcast demands.

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