LED Light Fixtures: No Electrician Required

With intelligent LED lighting from Lumastream, low-voltage integrators should revisit selling lighting at part of a comprehensive technology solution.

It’s not that any company enjoys leaving money on the table, but low-voltage integrators have long had their reasons for letting other contractors cash in on lighting sales. Lighting fixture installation traditionally has required a licensed electrician, meaning that integrators would either have that capability on staff or partner with a high-voltage electrician.

That can get cumbersome.

Here’s the thing—consider a typical room that an integrator might design for a customer. Let’s say it has six speakers in the room. That room might have 12 or more lights. And lighting, by the way, offers much healthier hardware margins than typical AV products.

That’s a lot of profit to leave on the table.

The good news is that Lumastream, a maker of low-voltage and intelligent LED lighting products, is breaking down the barriers between integrators and lighting profits. Integration firms, whether they have a high-voltage integrator on staff or not, can confidently pitch LumaStream’s robust lighting options to customers as part of comprehensive audio, video, automation, networking and lighting solutions, providing customers with one point of contact for technology while delivering lighting that’s more flexible, customized and strategic than old-school lights.

This free CI Partner Series download walks through how Lumastream can help integrators make lighting a logical and profitable part of a comprehensive technology solution.

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