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Selecting Presentation Switchers

Matrix switcher solutions for commercial applications.

Last month a large tech company launched a new suite of awesomely advanced smart phones and in the coming months the stage has been set for an equally impressive launch of powerful tablets and wearable gadgets. There are so many new ways to communicate. Today the art of communication is no longer a flat one-dimensional exchange. What does this suggest about how we design our communication and presentation solutions for our clients in the world of A/V?

Take for example the conference room. Today’s businessperson walks into a meeting armed with a laptop, tablet and smart phone at a minimum and has access to a global network of data. What is the most effective way for that person to share their information with other meeting participants? What about in the classroom? A professor may need to share data from a document camera, Blu-Ray player, audio system or even from a student’s BYOD (bring you own device) wireless application.

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