The Tech Manager’s Guide to Lecture Capture at Universities

This four-part guide will give tech manager’s tips, advice, expert opinion and suggestions about what lecture capture solutions are capable of and steps to build one of their own.

Lecture Capture: It’s Popular, Easy, Effective and Needed

The video or recorded event can be streamed live, posted online for later viewing or set up for on-demand screening. In most cases, content can be integrated with a preexisting learning management or content management system.

There are different types of lecture capture solutions available.  Some are appliance based and require the purchase of company-specific hardware.  Other solutions are software based.

Whichever type of solution you choose, lecture capture is becoming a real benefit for many higher education institutions. Whether it be introducing new digital courses into your curriculum or supplementing existing courses with digital assets, higher education institutes should be paying attention to how they can move education online in some capacity.

Some technology experts think solutions like lecture capture and distance learning are making physical campuses more relevant than ever.

Learning opportunities have increased as more universities realize the benefit of this technology for both international and working students. For example, and in case inclement weather prevents classes from being held on campus.

In this free guide, you’ll learn about:

  • The advantages of this technology
  • What it involves
  • 5 hallmarks of an effective system
  • What to look for in cameras
  • Best practices for camera placement

Discover the many benefits of lecture capture in this free report.