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The Technology that Drives HDMI Connectivity

HDMI is a complex and ever-evolving technology that is at the heart of today’s digital entertainment. CI’s latest Solution Series whitepaper examines what it takes to develop a reliable and state-of the-art HDMI cable.

HDMI is the pipeline for today’s high-definition video and audio content, and this format has changed significantly over the years. Taking a closer look at the latest version of HDMI, CI digs deep into HDMI technologies.

Today there are millions of products in the residential and commercial electronics industries that incorporate HDMI connectivity. In CI’s latest Solution Series whitepaper, learn about the latest technologies that support the reliable transmission of this now ubiquitous protocol that has taken the consumer electronics market from the world of analog into the digital age.

Since its beginnings the HDMI format has evolved with the times. Examining the latest technologies that support the protocol’s implementation, CI’s newest Solution Series Whitepaper looks at how HDMI is engineered to deliver next-generation entertainment to the masses.