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16 Audio Solutions Driving the New Era of Video Communications

Here are 16 audio solutions driving the new era of video communications that will lead to successful unified communications and collaboration experiences.

Audio Solutions

Planning a Conference Call? Try These Audio Solutions

Today’s digital signal processing is key in improving the conference room audio experience for a growing number of users.

This whitepaper contains 16 examples of the latest solutions.

Audio seems like the red-headed stepchild when it comes to video conferencing. The transmitted images are as clear as a bell, but static, delays and tinny transmissions can plague the audio portion. That makes it a frustrating experience for all concerned, not to mention the possibility that important information can be misinterpreted.

Those days are over with these 16 solutions that can provide better audio.

You’ll find information about wireless and Ethernet connectivity, ceiling microphones, video coverage, PC formats for web conferencing, content sharing capabilities and much more.

Say goodbye to bad audio with this whitepaper.