What You Need to Know about the Latest Projection Technologies

Lamp projectors vs. LED or laser projectors. Each style has its pluses and minuses, and one might work better in one environment than another. We’ve got the lowdown on how to make the right choice.

Projection Technology
The projection technologies market is not what it used to be—and that’s a very good thing.

Ask anyone whose industry experience dates back to the 1990s or even further back into the 1980s. They will say that without a doubt one of the most tedious jobs an AV professional does is the setup and calibration of a CRT projector. Over the past few years, developments in the projector industry have maximized. The potential of lamp-based light sources, including brightness levels and lamp longevity.

Projection technology has changed and is still evolving.

Lamp-based light sources have become brighter, and their longevity has increased. 

The emergence of affordable flat-panel displays may have forced projector manufacturers to innovate and provide step-up technologies that continue to drive demand for projection solutions. And projector manufacturers have responded in a big way. LED and laser-based projectors have been developed in response to market demand for more efficient light sources and cost concerns.

Several applications will continue to rely on lamp-based projection because they have the ability to install a new lamp at a relatively low cost, and set the projector back to the maximum brightness the projector offered when it was brand new.

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