Why HDR Will Grab Your Clients’ Attention

Joel Silver, president and founder of the Imaging Science Foundation, emphasizes that wide color gamut technologies will help all types of businesses.


The consumer electronics industry wants it, but according to one of the video industry’s most well-known video experts, the commercial market needs it. The “it” is high dynamic range (HDR), a technology that transforms 4K Ultra HD from a marketing tool to legitimate game changer, according to Joel Silver, president and founder of the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF).

The trials and tribulations of both the consumer and commercial cinema video markets are well known. For a short time 3D sparked an interest in large HDTVs, and it spurred premium pricing for select 3D movie showings. But 3D-driven interest was short lived. Moving quickly both the residential and commercial markets set their sights on Ultra HD/4K resolution. A recent report from IHS Inc., found that despite a 4 percent drop in overall TV ship-ments in 2015, 4K TV shipments rose 173 percent. And with the increasing availability of 4K content and the development of HDR-enabled projectors and displays, these technologies refuel video sales.