Wow Your Clients with New Digital Signage

Forget about hardware, cables and fans, this ‘sign’ can be mounted like wallpaper.

LG_Digital Signage
There’s a new sheriff in town called Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED), and its capabilities are light years (yes, I said it) ahead of current technology.

The color saturation, clarity, off-axis viewing and black levels surpass anything on the market today.

Imagine looking up at a ceiling to see images dancing across the air. Because the technology is flexible, it can be mounted onto curved walls or waved structures, can be used to surface tunnel-life arches or placed underneath a clear floor.

When a business can create unrivaled experiences that attract customers, invite them in and engage them like never before, all while displaying targeted content at its absolute best, there is a much greater chance that the business will increase sales, earn customer loyalty and ultimately boost the bottom line.

And it’s available as OLED Wallpaper! Forget about hardware or having to use the cables and fans that a typical digital signage installation requires. OLED Wallpaper can be mounted to the wall with minumim requirements. At just 3.65 millimeters thin, the “signage” seamlessly blends in with the surrounding environment.

Check out all the features of this “New Digital Signage” technology breakthrough and dazzle your clients when you download this free report.