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Audio Science

AudioScience will showcase the Hono AVB Mini product family as well as the ASI1110 Windows AVB virtual soundcard to InfoComm 2014. The IEEE 1722.1 Discovery and Control protocol as part of the AVB standard allows the Hono to be configured using 3rd party AVB Controllers. DSP functionality includes a parametric equalizer and compander/limiter on the inputs and programmable delays on the outputs as well as full matrix mixing.

AudioScience has leveraged its expertise in Windows audio drivers and network audio to bring the ASI1110 Windows AVB Virtual SoundCard (VSC) to InfoComm 2014. The ASI1110 VSC features standard WDM and ASIO interfaces on Windows 7 and 64×64 AVB audio channels as well as an additional media clock input and output stream for syncing. The VSC utilizes the RTX Real-time operating system from Interval Zero to deliver the same performance as our high end digital audio hardware. The AudioScience Windows VSC at InfoComm use the AVB enabled Intel Ethernet Controller I210-AT.

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Preview: AVnu Alliance and AVB at InfoComm 2014