‘Fiber Is Now,’ Says Cleerline Technologies at InfoComm 2019

Fiber-optics connectivity solutions provider Cleerline Technologies is ramping up its presence at InfoComm 2019 in part because the dialog around fiber has elevated.

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Cleerline managing partner Rick Sant talks InfoComm 2019.

In the past Cleerline Technologies has shared a booth at InfoComm, but at InfoComm 2019 it will be on its own in booth No. 3189. That’s significant, says Cleerline managing partner Rick Sant, because it provides the company with an opportunity to show its complete line of products.

Instead of “little bits and pieces,” Sant says in a video interview with Commercial Integrator, “now you’re going to be able to come in and experience what Cleerline has to offer.”

It’s not just the transition to its own booth. Cleerline also expects to see a shift in the conversations with integrators during InfoComm 2019.

In the past, trade show conversations with dealers were often about “the future,” Sant says. Fiber always seemed to be a connectivity solution that integrators tended to keep at arms length — talked about but not always implemented.

“The key takeaway now is that fiber is now,” Sant says. “There is no avoiding it. Fiber is being implemented everywhere in the industry. It has to be to solve our issues with 4K video [and] our networks. It’s no longer something that you can put off. You have to be installing fiber and utilizing it in your systems now.”

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