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BEST Audio Components & Processors

Bluesound Professional
BCS300 Network Streaming Ceiling Speaker

The BCS300 is a convertible all-in-one, active PoE ceiling speaker with in-built streaming and amplification that can be flush mounted into a ceiling or seamlessly adapted into a pendant design, delivering unparalleled flexibility for any architectural audio application. Unlike traditional setups, this decentralized solution eliminates the need for an audio rack, functioning as an independent unit requiring only a single PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection which provides both power and network connectivity. Its discreet design effortlessly integrates into any interior design or d├ęcor with simple installation requirements. Its high performance build includes a UL 2043 plenum rating, fully certifying it for commercial installation. Additionally, its paintable, magnetic grille with easy attachment ensures a clean and swift installation process.

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Commercial Integrator 2023 BEST Award Winners