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BEST Network Management Solutions

Big Dog Power PR-R13PI Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

Big Dog Power’s PR-R13PI combines all of the features integrators need into one intelligent power distribution unit to deliver surge protection, remote control, smart home integration, rack temperature management, and more. Twelve individually controllable outlets have power metering, self-healing, and automatic reboot capabilities for smarter and easier remote management of connected devices. Devices can be turned on and off without requiring an internet connection, allowing for scheduled reboots and an easy network equipment power reset that can solve the most common technical issues.   When a power surge happens, two removable surge protection modules can be replaced without sacrificing the entire PDU, making this solution unique and cost-effective. Temperature control can also be automated with four magnetic temperature sensors that can be used to program turning on a fan or turning off devices when the temperature gets too high. The 13th service outlet powers a temporary device without having to reach behind the PDU. This unit is also designed to work without internet connection and still have automatic self-healing functions. Big Dog Power’s free downloadable app provides easy programming that can be set up by outlet or device to mimic the workflow of the user’s choice and monitor the system remotely.

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Commercial Integrator 2023 BEST Award Winners