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BEST Audio Distribution Systems

Atmosphere AZMP8

The Atmosphere AZMP Series of DSPs from AtlasIED, including the AZMP4 (4-zone) and AZMP8 (8-zone) models, integrate a digital signal processor with built-in premium amplification to help customers consolidate products and streamline system design. Combining a DSP and multi-channel amplifier in a single chassis allows users to reduce the amount of hardware required for their audio system. Reducing equipment saves end users money on hardware and installation time, and potentially on power draw.   The entire Atmosphere platform has been purpose-built to be easy to install and use, and the new AZMP series products are no different. Integrators that provide ongoing service for customers can remotely monitor and control the AZMP using a mobile device (virtual controller). Additionally the virtual controller allows integrators and users to manage volume and audio sources for different zones, saving time and costs. The simple-to-use interface greatly reduces the need for system training, in some cases eliminating the need entirely.  The AZMP is loaded with the latest Atmosphere 3.0 software, which includes a new Self-Test feature that measures system performance over time and provides notifications of any degradation of loudspeaker load and also introduces sound masking, which enhances speech privacy and reduces distracting noise.

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