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Founded in 1947 as New Jersey Communications Corporation, the company was ready for a brand change in the early 80s to better reflect its place in the AV market and increasing work far beyond the NJ region. Rather than pick a standard name, the company’s then 2nd generation owners, my Father & Uncle, decided they would create their own.

The premise was fairly simple – select words that reflected the core values the company was founded on and for which it continuously strived, and combine them into a company name. What better resource could they turn to than employees (still a reflection of the company today).

Employees were asked to submit single words they felt were most representative of the company. The results:

  • Ver” from the word Verity, which was submitted by my Father & Uncle, meaning something that is true, especially a fundamental and inevitably true value;
  • Ex” was the beginning syllable of three words that were the most popular employee submissions, which all believed critical to success: excellence, experience, and execution; and
  • The extra “R”, which stood for “Reflected by” – an add-on to bring the first two halves together.

They ultimately selected a name, of their own creation, that meant “true value reflected by excellence, experience, and execution. Thus, the company name Verrex was born

— Thomas Berry, Jr., CEO

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How These Well-Known AV Companies Got Their Names