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Best & Worst NFL Scoreboards, slide 20

Buffalo Bills: Ralph Wilson StadiumThe black and white Daktronics Scoreboard is a matrix system designed to compliment the Sony JumboTron Videoboard. It is a digit scoreboard system, operated by a series of computers, that enables you to place numbers or letters anywhere within the board. It requires a minimum of 3 computer operators. It is also capable of displaying such information as down and distance, game score, statistics, out-of-town scores and animations. Six independent boards make up the Daktronics system. The Game-in-Progress board measures 8′ x 39′ with 17,024 lamps. The Out-of-Town board measures 8′ x 22′ with 9,856 lamps. Two of the sideline boards measure 4′ x 40′ with 2,560 lamps per unit. The two additional sideline boards measure 4′ x 52′ with 3,328 lamps per unit.

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Best & Worst NFL Scoreboards