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The Commercial Integrator podcast we call AV+ has a very purposeful title. See, we don't really believe that the term "AV" does justice to everyone in the systems integration industry. And, what, did you think we were going to call it the "Systems Integrator Podcast?"

No, we wouldn't. This is a pro AV podcast about all areas under that incredibly broad umbrella: Control, IT, Security, Digital Signage, and Live Sound are all fair game.

Why? Because AV pros aren't merely focused on audio visual technology these days. Now, they're expected to have IT skills. Rarely is it acceptable anymore to be a one trick pony.

What You'll Hear on AV+

The pro AV podcast from Commercial Integrator features interviews with some of the most prominent figures in the AV industry today. We also go to all the most distinguished events like InfoComm, Integrated Systems Europe, and the NSCA Business and Leadership Conference.

AV+ host, Dan Ferrisi looks forward to providing listeners with an entertaining, informative audio forum for all topics affecting the AV industry.

AV+ Release Schedule

We drop weekly (occasionally bi-weekly) episodes regularly.

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AV+ Podcast Title Slide: Mike Pederson on 4K/8K Fever

AV+ Podcast: Mike Pedersen on 4K and 8K Fever

In this AV+ podcast, Iowa State’s Mike Pedersen discusses 4K and 8K fever, exploring why so many #avtweeps are focused on resolution.

AV+ podcast Title Slide: Supply-Chain Forecast & Potential Solutions for Vendors

AV+ Podcast: Supply-Chain Forecast & Potential Solutions for Vendors

Mike Casper, CEO at Azumo, joins this week’s AV+ podcast to discuss the supply chain and potential solutions for vendors.

AV+ podcast Jay Phillips Title Slide

AV+ Podcast: Jay Phillips on Disruptive Innovation, the Ascension of SaaS

On this week’s edition of the AV+ podcast, Userful’s Jay Phillips discusses today’s disruptive innovations and the ascension of SaaS.

AV+ Podcast: Alan Brawn on Marketing & Selling to Your Ideal Customer

AV+ Podcast: Alan Brawn on Marketing & Selling to Your Ideal Customer

Industry veteran & CI contributor Alan Brawn joins the AV+ podcast to discuss effective ways to market and sell to targeted customers.

AV+ Podcast: Hall Technologies on Overcoming UC&C Challenges

Industry luminary Hal Truax joins the AV+ podcast to discuss overcoming common unified communication and collaboration challenges.

title slide TD SYNNEX'S 40 Under 40 Honorees on Being Top-Performing AV Pros

AV+ Podcast: TD SYNNEX’s 40 Under 40 Honorees on Being Top-Performing AV Pros

Dan Ferrisi, host and editor-in-chief, continues our series of 40 under 40 honorees with TD SYNNEX’s Anna Wrice and Graham Kelly.

AV+ podcast Mike White

AV+ Podcast: Industry Vet Mike White on Untapped Digital Signage Potential

Industry veteran Mike White joins the AV+ podcast to discuss digital signage and ways integrators can realize recurring monthly revenue and actionable ROI.

AV+ 40 under 40 Frank Padikkala

AV+ Podcast: 40 under 40 Honoree Frank Padikkala on Embracing Individuality

CI 40 under 40 honoree Frank Padikkala joins the AV+ podcast to discuss embracing individuality within the AV industry.

40 under 40, winding roads to AV

AV+ Podcast: 40 Under 40 Honorees on Winding Roads to AV

Members of our 40 Influencers Under 40, Class of 2022, discuss their winding roads into the industry and recruiting for the next gen of AV pros.

AV+ Podcast: 40 under 40, diverse backgrounds

AV+ Podcast : 40 under 40 Honorees On Leveraging Diverse Backgrounds

Continuing our celebration of 40 Influencers Under 40, the class of 2022, Mike Slamer and Xzavia Killikelly join this week’s AV+ podcast.