Is AVIXA Right for You?: Test Your Knowledge of InfoComm International’s Rebranding

InfoComm International made the bold move to rebrand itself under a shroud of secrecy that went back 2 years. How much do you know about it?

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Is AVIXA Right for You?: Test Your Knowledge of InfoComm International’s Rebranding

It’s not often anyone can keep a secret in the AV integration world, but InfoComm International managed to do just that for almost two years before finally revealing its new brand, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association or AVIXA, in mid-September.

The decision to rebrand InfoComm was met with excitement as well as in some cases confusion. It’s possible there may have been a joke or two made about the industry’s latest acronym.

Certainly, CI and sister brand TD have covered the shift to AVIXA and how this new brand reflects the current situation in the AV integration world — with the emphasis on AV and the focus on integrated experiences by members of a non-profit group that’s comprised of volunteers who are looking to move the industry forward.

But how closely have you paid attention to the news and opinions about AVIXA? Do you think you can answer four questions about the new brand correctly? Do you dare to test your knowledge of:

  • The acronym?
  • History of the association?
  • Logo’s color?
  • Which group AVIXA most wants to embrace as part of its approach?

Association leaders believe the new brand could carry members for the next 50 years, so there are no plans to change it anytime soon. If you’re going to be at the AV Executive Conference in Key Biscayne, Fla., in November or just chatting with industry friends or potential clients, this is something they’re going to want to discuss so make sure you’re armed with all the answers.

You don’t want to be the one at the next industry event who asks what AVIXA is.

You’re just four questions away from learning some of the key elements of InfoComm International becoming AVIXA. What are you waiting for?

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