Do You Know What Corporate Collaboration Users Really Want? Find Out in Just Five Questions

Test your corporate collaboration technology end user knowledge with these rapid-fire True or False questions, thanks to research conducted by NEC Display.

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Do You Know What Corporate Collaboration Users Really Want? Find Out in Just Five Questions

Corporate collaboration technology is an enormous market for AV products. But integrators shouldn’t let the veritable tidal wave of options wash over their main mission: to meet and exceed the expectations of their clients.

In order to do that, though, the integrator needs to be on the same page as the client AND the end users of the system. After all, what good is collaboration technology if it isn’t tailored to its actual users?

While collaboration technology in general continues to dominate the show floor at InfoComm, corporate collaboration has its own set of trends. While the Education market targets users who are more or less tied to the same room or building, corporate collaboration involves remote workers.

And many of those remote workers find themselves able to concentrate in just about any setting — if they have access to the right technology.

So clearly, integrators can and should leverage the opinions of collaboration technology end users… As long as they know just what those opinions are.

That’s why we’ve put together a little quiz below. This set of 5 true-or-false questions tests your overall knowledge of end users’ thoughts on corporate technology — guiding you towards smarter sales conversations and helping you better target your clients’ needs.

For example: did you know that only 24 percent of information workers believe their office is completely up to date?

The most current trends suggest that, by 2020, a significant percentage of workers will commute via audio or videoconferencing on their mobile device. Similarly, the cloud continues to account for more and more meeting content, data storage and action items.

Integrators need to think very seriously about how to monetize end-user opinions on collaboration technology.

Take the quiz below to see if you’re in touch with collaborating end users, or if you need to conduct a bit more market research.