Are You Missing What’s Most Important in Your Client’s Digital Signage RFPs? Take the Quiz

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Are You Missing What’s Most Important in Your Client’s Digital Signage RFPs? Take the Quiz

While prospective digital signage clients grow in number each year, their ability to write a pragmatic, detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) varies greatly.

This is a problem for detailed integrators who wish to provide solutions which go above and beyond client expectations.

How can you create a solution if the client doesn’t know what they want — or cannot illustrate it properly in their digital signage RFPs?

Integrators love to focus on the technology. But clients aren’t likely in the market for digital signs because they think the display hanging on their wall will look great – or because the idea of a giant video wall in their lobby is compelling to them.

They’re in the market because they have something to say and they want to communicate it loudly, boldly, and in a compelling way to their customers or audience.

To make the most of your client’s digital signage solution, you’ll need to ensure they provide you with a clear and thorough picture of what they need out of it.

Digital signage sellers must take that wide view of what digital signage represents to their customers. Try to better understand how their perceived need for digital signage evolved. One good exercise is to walk through the process of writing a digital signage request for proposal with the customer to better understand the challenges and goals.

It’s never as simple as putting a sign on the wall: there’s always an element of creativity when it comes to digital signage content, and the digital signage RFPs must illustrate the ideas and creative drive behind what they want their sign to display.

To ensure your customer’s digital signage RFPs are filled with relevant information, we’ve formulated a quiz which can also act as a checklist. It isn’t a complete overview, but it’s a great place to start.