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Quiz: Which NFL Quarterback Are You?

Are you ready to run you AV business like an NFL quarterback? And which one are you most like? Discover more about your revenue future with this quick quiz.

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Quiz: Which NFL Quarterback Are You?

On Sundays during football season, a transition happens. Even the most dedicated AV business professionals among us shift our focus to the National Football League (NFL). Instead of our profits, we’re focused on a different type of scoreboard. Instead of pursuing a more service-based revenue model, we’re focused on… fantasy football point totals.

An NFL quarterback is an excellent example for AV business leaders: leading teams down the field in carefully-planned maneuvers, switching it up when necessary, and providing a dependable starting-point for the teams’ goals, the NFL quarterback — at his best — is an emblem of strong leadership and communication.

You’ll need those qualities to lead your AV business into new revenue opportunities and touchdown successes.

This quiz aims to bring those two worlds — business and the NFL — together. Take the quiz to find out which NFL quarterback you are. The answers appear right after you complete the quiz.

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OK, maybe we’re a little obsessed with football. We jump at the chance to write about AV integrations in NFL and college football venues. But there’s no denying the connection between field-managing a football team, like a quarterback, and managing a team of employees, like an integration business leader.

Small businesses, medical offices, schools, and retailers are searching for partners that can help them navigate rapidly evolving cloud and mobile technology, monitor compliance issues, and increase efficiency. This is your opportunity to swoop in with your new monthly service offering!

It’s a win-win: you’re solving their challenges and generating recurring revenue for yourself. Use these strategies and tips to sell the value of managed services to your clients. Just like the NFL quarterback is a field manager, AV business leaders have to be on top of their game, too.


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