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When It Comes to Selling Digital Signage, Are You More Netflix or Blockbuster Video?

Your answers reveal whether, when it comes to selling digital signage, you’re on a forward-focused path to success (like Netflix) or you’re stuck in the 1990s like Blockbuster Video.

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When It Comes to Selling Digital Signage, Are You More Netflix or Blockbuster Video?

One is going strong. The other is a case study in how not to evolve your business. Which category fits your digital signage business?

Digital signage or digital advertising — whatever you choose to call it — is popping up everywhere. Those that sell digital signage can benefit from a market that’s predicted to be worth $32.84 billion by 2023. However, much like Netflix and Blockbuster took different tracks in the in-home content business, there seems to be two opposing tracks for sellers in the digital-out-of-home advertising market.

The big questions that digital signage solutions providers need to ask themselves are:
  • Am I more of a forward-thinking Netflix that is packaging solutions in sync with how customers want to purchase them?
  • Am I stuck in a rut, providing solutions the same way I always have without regard for how my customers’ needs are evolving (well, that’s obviously Blockbuster Video)?

Too many digital signage providers fall into the latter category. Take our quick quiz below to determine how much work you need to do to get your digital signage selling up to speed.

Those that approach digital signage selling from the perspective of an AV integration firm, in particular, often take a non-progressive approach to selling the quickly-evolving category.

Rich Ventura, VP of business development and solutions for NEC Display Solutions of America and Digital Signage Federation‘s 2017 chairman, says there are many examples of AV integration firms that have embraced forward-thinking approaches to selling digital signage and found a great deal of success in the process. However, he concedes that most integration firms don’t take a very wide view when it comes to digital signage.

Digital signage sellers must take that wide view of what digital signage represents to their customers. Try to better understand how their perceived need for digital signage evolved. One good exercise is to walk through the process of writing a digital signage request for proposal (RFP) with the customer to better understand the challenges and goals.

Another good exercise is to start with this quiz and determine if you’re more Netflix or Blockbuster when it comes to selling digital signage: