Where Do You See Pro AV Business Opportunities? Measure Yourself With this Quiz

It’s important to know yourself and your pro AV business habits. Do you have room to expand your offerings? Get in touch with this short quiz.

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Where Do You See Pro AV Business Opportunities? Measure Yourself With this Quiz

Do you really know yourself? While your pro AV business is probably increasingly valuable, chances are you could make it more so just with a little more consistent self-assessment.

AV integration is a multi-step process that will, ideally, begin in the early stages of designing the space. But sometimes, you lose track of what gets you there.

Is your Pro AV team able to focus on developing apps and solutions that address your customers’ needs? Are you able to master new offerings and expand your value? Maybe you view customer engagement as a long-term experience more than a project-based one.

In order to adapt your AV business to industry shifts, you need to have an idea of what your strengths are.

Everybody is so focused on recurring revenue these days, but they might not realize that the key to earning it doesn’t always involve straight-up business growth. But if you’re a specialist in identifying new verticals, for example, this may be a tough pill to swallow.

Likewise, if you constantly focus on how to set up service contracts, you might frustrate a customer who only needs a simple, reliable system and cannot commit to a binding agreement. Not every client is in it for the long-term.

That counterpoint also applies to managed services contract-seekers. Yes, it’s an excellent way to make money in the long term, but are you really listening to your customers?

Then, there are the poor, misguided souls who believe product upselling will lead them to glory (here’s a hint: it won’t!).

We know you probably realize that focusing too hard on products won’t get you far, but it is often too easy to become obsessed with the latest and greatest. They are half of your job, after all.

Closely examine what your strengths are (and clue yourself in to alternative methods) with this quick quiz!