17 Tips for Winning Over Customers’ IT Directors

View the recording of this previously LIVE webcast from November 30th where integrators will learn to understand concerns of their customers’ IT directors and overcome with well-thought-out solutions.

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It’s not about tricks.

IT directors have legitimate reasons to be concerned when considering a system installation that would live on or affect their company’s network in any way.

Think about it.

An organization’s network is its lifeblood. It represents its productivity and efficiency.

IT directors and IT departments are responsible for making sure that nothing slows down, halts or negatively impacts that network. Their reputations and their jobs are at stake.

However, all organizations need video communications, audio, security and automation.Integration firms need to be able to put IT directors’ concerns at ease when proposing, designing and installing these solutions.

Again, it’s not about tricks to getting around their concerns. It’s about actually understanding their concerns and addressing them.

The goal of this free Commercial Integrator Webinar, 12 Tips for Winning Over Customers’ IT Directors, is to help integration firms better prepare themselves to propose and design systems in an IT environment and for IT directors.

Moderator Tom LeBlanc, editor of CI, will garner tips from manufacturers, integrators and consultants on best practices for blending AV with IT. For instance, Z-Band’s Daniel Helfrick will address concerns related to proliferation of video living on organizations’ networks—a focus for organizations of all types in all markets. 

We all have the same goal—for organizations to benefit from dynamic solutions that will improve their operations while maintaining the integrity of their networks – and this free webinar will help everybody get there.

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