Amplifying Diverse Voices: Sharing Perspectives with Industry Members

Listen again to NSCA’s DEI Action Council’s discussion on the importance of DEIB in the commercial AV industry.

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Poster for CI and NSCA DEIB webinar for the AV industry.

In recent times, the commercial AV industry and nearly all of society,  has had its consciousness raised about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB). Those in the integration, design and manufacturing communities have come to recognize the problems stemming from insufficient representation of females and people of color at our industry gatherings and in our corporate boardrooms. Although we’re seeing slow improvement, there’s still much more we can do.

Commercial Integrator and the NSCA DEI Action Council looked to spur on this essential conversation and underscore the importance of DEIB in the commercial AV industry.

To help move us in the right direction, we presented the next webinar in CI and NSCA’s Quarterly Business Playbook Series: “Amplifying Diverse Voices: Sharing Perspectives with Industry Members.”

List of Speakers

We’re honored to have had the following expert panelists speak on the DEIB initiatives in the AV industry.

Headshot of Akin Adewole, DEIB industry expert.

Akin Adewole, CTS, Design Engineer, Verrex

Headshot of Mildred Ramos, DEIB industry expert.

Mildred Ramos, Principal, Shen Milsom & Wilke LLC

Headshot of Chris Turner, DEIB industry expert.

Chris Turner, Managed Solutions Account Executive, New Era Technology

Natasha Porizkovah

Natasha Porizkova, Brand Inclusion Leader, livingHR

DEIB in the Spotlight

In this webinar, we’ve addressed the following critically important topics:

  • How to DEIB-optimize recruitment and hiring practices
  • The ways that cultural differences can perpetuate marginalization and systemic disadvantage
  • How diversity among decision-making teams leads to smarter, more profitable decision-making.
  • Industry-wide and organizational efforts to diversify the commercial AV community.

Recognizing that the most impactful conversations spring from the grassroots, we also opened a survey to ask the AV industry community what else it would like our expert panelists to address on the DEIB initiatives. The speakers then highlighted these concerns and questions.

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Editor’s note: Originally published on February 18, 2022; this has been since updated on April 21, 2023, to reflect additional information on the webinar archive.

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