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Content, Device, and Data: Expect More from Digital Signage in This Webinar

Digital signage is far more than displays showing messages thanks to significant advancements in content management, data, and analytics. Learn more during our webinar.

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Digital signage solutions are more robust today than ever before. Interfaces can now be customized, live feeds can be brought to the screen, content can be distributed remotely to numerous displays at once, and playlists can be scheduled based on conditions you decide beforehand – offering the ability to create rule-based marketing tactics in commercial spaces or even in your own building.

That’s just what happens on screen. The most powerful systems of today will further remote management to include monitoring and control of devices – choose which screens are on or off, and be notified when there is a problem with a display or device.

This kind of automation not only delivers the right message at the right time, but can save money in utility costs.

One of the biggest draws of modern digital signage systems is in data and analytics.

Today’s systems can gather information about who is watching what, when, analyze that information, and visualize it to provide owners of the systems with business intelligence to better understand how to change or expand on systems.

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With quality information, you understand what your customers need and how to create the kind of great experiences that build loyalty.

During this webinar presented by Commercial Integrator, TechDecisions, AVI-SPL, and Samsung, you’ll learn about the innovative ways digital signage is being used to connect with external audiences while providing your team with valuable performance data.

We’ll also introduce you to Samsung’s MagicINFO, a comprehensive management solution for data-driven marketing. MagicINFO makes it easy for businesses to create, schedule, and deliver dynamic content while empowering them with the insight they need to:

  • Create, play, and manage content
  • Deliver real-time data insights
  • Analyze customer behavior

Join us on Sept. 23 at 2 p.m. EDT and learn how to go from raw data to information that is ready to be viewed by your audience, while giving you a dashboard with detailed reports so you can gauge the impact of your content.

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