Creating a Customized Collaboration Space for Any Environment

In this free webinar presented by AVI-SPL and NEC, installers and end-users alike will learn how to choose the right technology to create a versatile, dynamic collaborative space for any need.

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Collaboration is the name of the game in every organization today. Long gone are the days of siloed, independent workers completing tasks and handing them off to the next department. Open office trends, large amounts of smaller meeting spaces, and the connection afforded by the internet have ensured that the modern workplace is a communal environment. Employees work better, and organizations run better, with customized collaboration spaces.

Thankfully technology companies have taken notice of this trend, too.

There is a seemingly endless supply of collaboration technology available for organizations of any size. Interactive whiteboards, videoconferencing, wireless sharing, presentation – each aspect of collaboration offers a suite of technology to choose from.

Some of the technology is all-in-one, a single display screen that can do everything an organization needs. Or you could pick a-la-carte, choosing the right solutions that fit your organization and stringing them together into a system.

Whatever you choose, there are many other choices that must be made in tandem.

What kind of software is needed to make this technology work?

Which platforms should you choose?

What hardware works best?

Should you put the same technology in your conference room that will go in your huddle spaces?

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Ultimately, all of these choices come down to one question – what works best for your organization? In a free webinar presented by NEC, AVI-SPL, Commercial Integrator, and My TechDecisions, you’ll find out how to answer that question.

We’ll dive into the collaborative workspace and make sure you understand the qualities and qualifications of different collaboration technology solutions, so that you can make the right choice for your organization. Topics will include:

  • The capabilities of today’s collaboration technology
  • The types of collaborative spaces found in the modern workplace
  • Software and hardware needed for collaborative environments
  • (Installers) How to give your customers the collaborative technology they need
  • (End Users) How to outfit collaborative spaces for any need
  • Collaboration products on the market today

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Creating a Customized Collaboration Space for Any Environment