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How to Future-Proof Digital Signage: It’s More than You Think

View the recording of this previously LIVE webcast from March 22nd to listen as Alan Brawn discusses the step-by-step of future proofing of digital signage, tackling both business and technology challenges.

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On-Demand Webcast: How to Future-Proof Digital Signage: It’s More than You Think

Moderated By: Craig MacCormack, Editor-at-Large, Commercial Integrator

Guest Speakers: Alan Brawn, Brawn Consulting; Daniel Shannon, Ponto Solutions

Part of the appeal of digital signage is that it turns old-school communication methods on their heads.  When an investment in a digital signage solution quickly fails to meet evolving requirements, well, somebody didn’t do their job well enough.If there is one thing you don’t want out of a digital signage solution, it’s for it to be outdated.

In a free Commercial Integrator webcast, Brawn Consulting’s Alan Brawn anchors a conversation about how integrators and consultants can make sure their customers’ digital signage solutions are future proof. The topic stems from one of his educational whitepapers.

We tackle:

  • Fundamentals of step-by-step future-proofing, including identifying business goals and strategies
  • Aligning the right technologies in terms of resources and best practices
  • Having the right plan when it comes to support, maintenance, service and budgets
  • Focusing on benefits such as revenue growth, profits, utilization and ROI

Then there are technology questions that go into future proofing. Brawn and an integrator, along with moderator Rachel Quetti of CI, explore:

  • To 4K or not to 4K and how to avoid signal transport issues
  • Marrying display calibration to source material
  • Bandwidth challenges
  • Understanding videowall processors
  • Weighting environmental effects on displays
  • Need for intelligible audio
  • Signal management options
  • Beacon technologies
  • How to use analytics

Brawn and an integrator explore these topics and more. Plus, audience members submit questions to be answered by the industry experts.

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How to Future-Proof Digital Signage: It’s More than You Think