How to Keep Pace with Rapidly Changing Workplace Technology

View the recording of this previously LIVE webcast from April 27th, sponsored by Lencore, InFocus, and Kramer to hear from industry leaders as they discuss areas in which technology integration will be impacted.

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Many of today’s office spaces only faintly resemble those of a decade ago.

You can feel free to debate the merits of millennials’ workplace expectations, remote workforces and bring your own device (BYOD) policies—but it really doesn’t matter.

What does matter for companies and the integration firms and consultants that serve their technology needs is that workplace environments are evolving quickly.

Huddle rooms are replacing offices.

Open-office spaces are replacing rows of cubicles.

Rigid work hours are being replaced with work-shifting where as individuals collaborate when possible and drill down on tasks at times that are convenient and most productive for them.

These changes require almost complete reevaluations of how companies ought to address their technology needs.

Integrators and consultants have an essential role to educate customers and provide them with solutions that will help them not only adapt to a new work culture but also to recruit young professionals that expect to work in a forward-thinking environment.

Commercial Integrator has assembled an industry roundtable to discuss areas in which technology integration will be impacted. VP of Marketing at Kramer, Clint Hoffman, InFocus chief marketing officer Brady Bruce and Lencore VP of engineering Glenn Dahl are not there to discuss their companies’ respective solutions. Instead, moderator Tom LeBlanc, editor of CI, will foster dialog about how integration firms and consultants can prepare to be better resources for their customers during their workplace transitions.

Above all this industry roundtable will discuss an enormous opportunity for the integration industry and warn against not letting it pass by.

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