LED Videowall Mechanics – Engineering the Complexity Out of Your Installation

Learn the ins and outs of LED videowall engineering and come out of our upcoming webinar equipped to install LED videowalls quicker, better, and with more functionality.

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LED walls are all about seamless beauty, stunning images, and exceptional definition. But behind the scenes are powerful structural forces in play that ensure the coveted seamlessness of content and the convenience of installation is never compromised.

The installation process for LED videowalls can be a difficult process. It’s a science that many integrators have spent years learning and yet, face hang ups and mistakes on the job site, for a variety of reasons. LED tiles by definition are fragile and prone to damage if not handled well. It is a specialized skill that is needed to ensure the videowall panels work properly and contains no scuffs, marks, seams, etc. That doesn’t even include all of the processing technology running behind the scenes, ensuring the expected video clarity and image  processing quality expected from LED technology.

In a videowall system, the actual LED screen is the wow-inspiring face of that system. It’s what the outside world sees and appreciates, when done perfectly. However, there is an entire nervous system and bone structure of LED videowall solutions that only the integrator and (sometimes) their clients worry about. If there is something wrong underneath, it will show on the face of the system as performance gaps or longevity issues, and in the worst case, absolute disaster

In an upcoming Commercial Integrator webinar, sponsored by Barco, Todd McCandless, director of LED group at Barco, will discuss everything inside and outside of an LED videowall system. He will systematically explain the engineering and mechanics of these systems while giving integrators actionable tips on how to mitigate complexity and ensure that the final product shines the way an LED videowall is supposed to.

Integrators will walk away from this webinar able to better understand the vast, deep systems and technologies that make LED videowall installations more error-free, leading to a shorter installation time and a better outcome in terms of revenue and functionality.

Join us on September 8th at 2:00 PM ET and learn everything you need to know about LED videowall installations – inside and out!

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LED Videowall Mechanics – Engineering the Complexity Out of Your Installation