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Perfecting Audio Quality in Meeting Spaces: Free Webinar

In this joint Commercial Integrator and My TechDecisions webinar, attendees will learn to better understand quality audio in meeting spaces, and achieve such quality in their deployments.

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When it comes to meeting room conferencing environments, the adage should be that it is better to be heard than seen.

An increase in videoconferencing over the past several months is an extension of a trend that has been gaining steam for over a decade now. Orgs have long understood the benefits of videoconferencing for their work force.

However, many organization fail to understand the importance of quality audio within those environments. Every videoconference requires audio, yet many integrators and customers focus on the video aspect and neglect to consider the quality of the audio deployment.

Consider this – in a videoconferencing session where a user must share their screen to the participants, suddenly those high-quality cameras are no longer in use. When this occurs, the audio components of the system become paramount to intelligibility – if the user can’t be heard it doesn’t matter much what is on screen.

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On top of that, many meetings are done over audio only. None are done using only video with no sound. So why is it that the video side of videoconferencing is so highly touted, while audio is often a secondary consideration.

The truth is that the right audio system should be the first thought when implementing a solution, and the last thought when holding a conference. When all is well, audio is crisp, and participants can understand one another, no one thinks of audio. However, when video is clear but audio is unintelligible, it completely derails a meeting.

In this combined Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions webinar, sponsored by AVI-SPL and Shure,  users will learn why good quality audio matters. We’ll also provide resources for what can be done to achieve it.

Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on acoustics and speech intelligibility and learn best practices for executing well-designed conference rooms and meeting spaces. We’ll cover five common audio issues that affect AV and IT integrators, and offer tips and tricks to avoid these pitfalls.

This webinar will also introduce Shure’s new Microflex® Networked Loudspeaker, MXA Linear Array Microphone and innovative mute button accessory, as well as IntelliMix® processing and Designer 4.2 software.

Join us on July 9th at 2:00 PM ET to get an exciting overview of the new ecosystem solution for AV conferencing!

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