Move Over BYOD, It’s Time To Bring Your Own Meeting

Bring Your Own Meeting is a natural extension of BYOD allowing users to utilize UC platforms they’re comfortable with. Learn more in our June 10th webinar.

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a key component of the Digital Workplace strategy of many organizations, with 67% of people using their own devices at work.

Now that workers have proven they can be productive while working at home, businesses will quickly move to a hybrid model and more workers will be remote than ever before.

What’s next? In Barco’s most recent research on “The Future of Meetings,” they found a shifting preference for business technology that enables flexible, remote work environments and intuitive devices that allow users to collaborate seamlessly from anywhere they want.

Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) is an extension of BYOD, allowing people to use familiar conferencing platforms more effectively. IT departments prefer standardization when it comes to unified communications platforms. Often, when outfitting multiple meeting rooms, the IT team will prefer a uniform AV solution across them all.

This can lead to long waiting times, bad connections, poor video quality, and struggles to join. Not all UC solutions will be compatible with these uniform AV systems. Users prefer their to utilize devices they’re familiar with, so if those devices aren’t compatible with the AV system in meeting rooms it poses a problem. They want to work with the technology of their choice, they avoid working with equipment that they don’t understand or find difficult to operate. They prefer conferencing solutions that appeal to them, are easy and intuitive to use. If they can’t do so, they’ll simply ignore the meeting room equipment in favor of the platform that makes them comfortable.

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Bring Your Own Meeting allows people to host a conference call using their preferred platform, whether it be Teams, Webex, Zoom, or any number of alternatives. This webinar, sponsored by Barco and presented by Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions, will explore how BYOM initiatives help organizations address the many dimensions of a highly effective Digital Workplace strategy, and how integrators and their customers can get started on creating a BYOM environment.

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Move Over BYOD, It’s Time To Bring Your Own Meeting
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