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NEC’s Business Intelligence Platform Drives Insight and Engagement

Free webinar explains how NEC ALP (Analytics Learning Platform) discovers powerful business intelligence, allowing real-time content and data measurement to improve the ROI of digital signage.

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Digital signage providers and their customers want the same thing – for the solutions that they deploy to drive engagement and for the return on investment to be dramatic. That’s why the new NEC ALP (Analytics Learning Platform), which discovers and leverages business intelligence to drive valuable insight, is so fascinating for both digital signage integrators and customers.

Unveiled during the 25th annual NEC Display New York Partner Showcase, this is a powerful business intelligence analytics platform for retailers that delivers real-time content and data measurement.

The concept is simple: using NEC ALP, digital signage becomes more effective because it quickly measures several variables to understand who the audience members are and what content would be most effective to put in front of them.

“It’s not a product that you can hold in your hand like a digital signage display,” says Richard Ventura, VP of strategy, NEC Display Solutions of America. “It’s a platform.”

During this free Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions webinar, Ventura and AVI-SPL digital media solutions engineer Richard Daugherty will explain how integrators and customers can implement NEC ALP and reap its benefits.

Attendees of the free NEC’s Business Intelligence Platform Drives Insight and Engagement webinar will learn:
  • What NEC ALP exactly is
  • How it uncovers valuable business data
  • Examples of the type of business intelligence that NEC ALP can quickly deliver
  • How a customer/digital signage solution can use the information to improve its effectiveness
  • Examples of applications for NEC ALP in retail and beyond
  • How NEC ALP can completely change the concept of digital signage ROI

“With NEC ALP, we’re giving retailers the ability to provide customers with a personalized experience through real-time, relevant content triggered by demographic data such as age and location,” Ventura says.

“This also provides retailers with valuable insights on the impact their content has, creating more opportunities for consumer engagement, which is invaluable to growing their business. We’re helping retailers deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience.”

The free webinar is sponsored by AVI-SPL. Register now to learn how NEC ALP can improve your digital signage strategy in 2019.

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