No In-House Automation Programmer? No Problem!

How your integration firm and your automation programming team can benefit from Almo Control. Join us for a FREE 1 Hour webcast on Wednesday May 31st, sponsored by Almo Pro AV to learn exactly how integration firms can take advantage of the recently launched Almo Control. Integration firms that need Crestron, AMX and ClearOne programming for projects can augment their in-house talent by leaning on Almo Control.

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 Upcoming CI Webcast: No In-House Automation Programmer? No Problem!

Moderated By: Tom LeBlanc, Editor, Commercial Integrator

Guest Speaker: Eric Olson,  Business Manager, Almo Pro AV

Distributor Almo Professional AV recently launched Almo Control, a third-party automation programming service, and this free webinar explains exactly how integration firms can take advantage of it.

Almo Pro AV business manager Eric Olson joins CI editor Tom LeBlanc to discuss:

  • What types of Crestron, AMX and audio DSP programming are made available to integrators?
  • How Almo Control leverages expertise to offer programming solutions with high standards?
  • When an integration firm ought to consider leaning on Almo Control, whether they lack a particular type of programmer in-house or simply need to augment in-house programmers’ workloads and skillsets.
  • How the information gathering process works
  • How Almo Control flows works within a project’s flow
  • Costs and revenue opportunities for integration firms

Attendees of this free webinar will walk away with a new option in their back pockets when it comes to delivering first-rate Crestron, AMX and ClearOne automation solutions to their customers.

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