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Real-World Reasons to Choose Laser over Lamp-Based Projection

Download our previously recorded webcast from March 30th: Laser projection is more than just a well-hyped technology. There are solid business cases for why a laser projector is the right choice for many applications, and scenarios where lamp-based is a better bet. Experts from AVI-SPL and Sony tell you exactly when you need laser projection.

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Laser projection is one of those technologies that just sounds futuristic and expensive. However, that limited perception can potentially prevent customers from ending up with a solution that is ideal for their application.

This FREE 1- hour webcast walks you through the pros and cons of laser projection. In simple terms, it explains when laser projection is a better investment versus lower-cost lamp projector alternatives.

Sander Phipps, senior product manager for Sony’s professional display systems, will walk through the benefits of laser projection, using Sony’s 3LCD Z-Phosphor laser projectors as an example.

AVI-SPL vice president of display technology, Rodney Laney, illustrates when, as an integrator entrusted to provide customers with their best performing solutions at the most return on investment, he feels comfortable recommending laser projection—and when he doesn’t.

Meanwhile, AVI-SPL account manager Jake Gilray runs down actual projects in which his team deployed laser projection, explaining why the choice was logical for the client and sharing the results.

Don’t miss your chance to listen in and participate by posing questions to the expert panel.

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