Selling Digital Signage? Time to Rethink Everything

Free webcast originally recorded live on October 25th and sponsored by Almo Pro A/V challenges status quo and lays out game plan for companies looking to take their digital signage sales to the next level.

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On- Demand Webcast: Rethink Everything about How You Sell Digital Signage

The digital signage market is exploding at a meteoric rate, but is your digital signage business going gangbusters? Probably not and there’s a reason – most integration firms don’t sell digital signage in the best possible way.

Integrators love to focus on the technology – the hardware, the software, the wow factor.

Customers, meanwhile, aren’t likely in the market for digital signs because they think the display hanging on their wall will look great – or because the idea of a giant video wall in their lobby is compelling to them.

They’re in the market for digital signs for one reason – they have something to say and they want to communicate it loudly, boldly and in a compelling way to their customers or audience.

For customers, digital signage has never been about the technology.

Digital signage is about the content.

Digital signage is about the experience.

For integration firms, it’s time to press the reset button on everything related to digital signage sales. It’s time to start from square one.

In this free webcast, digital signage experts from distributor Almo Professional A/V challenge the integration community to rethink everything about how they sell digital signage:

  • What questions to ask customers?
  • How to get customers excited about their message
  • How to get involved in the content-creation end of the digital signs equation
  • How to evaluate where profit and revenue ought to stem from in a digital signage customer relationship
  • How to continually engage with customers as their needs evolve, seizing opportunities to continually address and solve those needs
  • When and how to educate customers about digital signage hardware and software
  • How to build managed services around digital signage

Attendees should register for this webinar with an open mind and a willingness to pursue new profit opportunities. Customers’ needs are changing. So should your approach to digital signage.

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